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Customized outpatient services.

Our new Outpatient Clinic offers comprehensive clinical and educational services integrated across the continuum of ages and physical needs. Our therapists have experience addressing the specific needs of the geriatric population. Our goal is to provide continuous care for our patients transitioning from the skilled nursing setting and returning to their home, but still require additional therapeutic interventions to make significant gains with their rehabilitation.

Specialized areas
of expertise include:

  • Modalities (electrical stimulation, Ultrasound, diathermy)
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Dementia-related caregiving
  • Full prevention
  • Neurological conditions (Parkinsons, MS)
  • Stroke, cardiac issues, COPD
  • Orthopedic conditions (joint replacements, fractures)
  • Splinting, orthotics fitting

Virtual Rehabilitation System

Stafford Healthcare is proud to announce we are the only facility in the area to have the Omni Virtual Rehabilitation System.

This is the world's first virtual rehabilitation system designed specifically for the needs of geriatric patients and more medically complex conditions. This easy to use technology improves exercise participation, repetition and duration by re-creating the patient's movements in a 3-D, real time interactive experience. Research has shown that treatment outcomes generated by virtual reality rehabilitation can match or exceed those from real world activities and exercises. These benefits may result from the enhanced feedback, motivation and repetitions that occur among patients exercising in virtual reality.
We are compassionate healthcare professionals who treat our guests like family.