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We always have things to do.

Residents are especially proud of their gardens.

Our Certified Activities Professional will work with you to develop an individual plan to keep your mind, body and spirit active while recognizing your preferences for staying involved with life.

The Activity Department at Stafford Healthcare offers each resident an individualized program enhancing quality of life and sense of well being.

Our professional staff plans and develops meaningful, "person appropriate" activities promoting physical, cognitive, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. Offerings include a combination of large and small groups, one to one and self directed activities.

Many residents enjoy making crafts, table games, socials or one of the many musical entertainers that stop by. There are magazines, books, puzzles and DVDs available for some time on their own.

Our sensory program offers therapeutic and gentle massage or touch, aromatherapy and soothing music.

Families are encouraged to bring pets by to visit their family during their stay at Stafford.

There are twice a month "Scenic Drives" into the community in addition to seasonal trips and viewing local Christmas lights. Barbecues are held monthly for all residents except in December and January.

Residents enjoy our lounge areas with big screen TVs and "Movie of the Nite."
We are compassionate healthcare professionals who treat our guests like family.