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Food is you and to us.

Enjoy a delicious homemade meal surrounded by friends in a restaurant-style dining room.

The dining room is bright, cheerful and comfortable—with food served to meet your special dietary needs.

We get asked all the time, "How good is the food at Stafford?"

People end up answering their own question as soon as they take their first bite. They are constantly complimenting our dining room staff about the wonderful food. In fact, a recent patient that returned from an assisted living facility said she loves to come back to Stafford because the food is so delicious.

We believe it is because of our talented cooks that prepare and deliver high quality meals for our residents to enjoy. We also attribute the success to our monthly resident food committee that reviews the menus, which are written in compliance with the American Dietetic Association and are updated regularly to feature fresh fruits and vegetables. Personal preferences are taken into consideration; the kitchen is able to meet each individual's specific dietary requirements and tastes. Alternate choices are always available.

The Garden Dining room is bright and cheerful and is decorated to resemble a patio-style restaurant. The large bank of windows look out into the garden area, a favorite seat in the house. The dining room offers a delicious breakfast and lunch buffet. Dinner is nicely served by meal service. For many of our residents, it's the best part of the day—time to spend with their friends and family around the table.

In addition to the dining room, assortments of bedtime snacks are offered each night to all residents. This treat is anticipated; many residents won't go to bed until after they've had their snack.
We are compassionate healthcare professionals who treat our guests like family.